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License Participant Build

Mursion ­Experience

Version: 2.3.0   Released: 05/10/2019
(For License Participants Only)

Please use the link above to download the Mursion Experience app. If you have not yet made the transition to the latest version, you may download the previous version using the link below.

Please Note: Both your simulations specialist stations and participant computers will need to be on the same version.

If your session delivery is provided by Mursion, please download Mursion Experience from: www.mursion.com/download/

You may upgrade your Mursion application at any time. Once upgraded, all computers running the Mursion software will need to be updated.

Mursion Experience now supports Silent Installation!
For more information, please contact support@mursion.com

An Improved Experience

  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Updates
  • Added Environments

Mursion resources & installation guides can be found at www.mursion.com/resources/